Recycle your Xmas Tree!

The most treasured and awaited part of holiday season is entertainment and gift giving and sharing, however they often lead to huge garbage piles, eventually leading to landfill. Here are some useful ideas to make your Christmas carbon free this year!


  • Purchase useful gifts that won’t eventually end up in the trash. Remember more isn’t always the best. So buy gifts with minimal packing
  • Even better, instead of going for material stuff, consider gifting services such as land and clearing services or go for a landscape sod installer. On the other hand you can also consider the special gift of time or a special experience (a family dinner out)
  • You can also plan for a unique group gift – purchase a top quality gift or simply make a special donation
  • Cook gifts rather than purchasing them, for instance bake your favorite cakes or cookies


  • Avail reusable bags while giving gifts or use daily newspapers instead of regular wrapping papers
  • You can also save gift wraps and ribbons for re-usage


  • Consider donating unwanted holiday gifts and pieces of decorations instead of just throwing them away
  • If not consider availing green dumpster rental services to reduce the carbon footprint this Christmas
  • Your Christmas tree can also be simply cut up and can be recycled to be further used as chips and mulch. You can place it in the regular green cart or recycle it for a special tree chipping event as part of charity
  • Also you can place all food soiled papers and scraps in the regular green cart and all type of compostable stuff in your backyard composter

With various living green programs available in every city along with special green waste disposal services available readily its now very easy to live an Eco-friendly life to protect our most unique and valuable environment!