Easy Way to Reuse Your Green Waste

If your green waste or garden waste is just dumped into the landfills, it gets broken down anaerobically (without oxygen) and it produces harmful methane gases. Proper disposal of green waste is very important to keep a healthy and safe planet.

Many of the green waste disposal services and mobile wood grinding services can help you in dealing with green waste easier. Recycling the green waste is typically what organic farmers and or professional gardeners do. Here are some simple tips on how garden waste can be reused to benefit your garden, while you have a peace of mind that you have disposed of your waste organically:

Donate Green Waste

Depending on the amount of Green Waste you have finding a residential dumpster rental supplier might be necessary. This way it allows you to fully dump all waste and is managed by the organic waste management company. Once collected they can break down the waste so it is recycled into mulches and other useful forms.

Tree Trimming

You can also call a mobile wood grinding service supplier to your house to cut up all lose timber and then have it recycled.

Sell Your Green Waste

There are many landscape suppliers and commercial bio fuel production companies who can also pay you to give them your garden waste.

Nurture The Soil

Mulches help protect the moisture in the soil and as the leaves rot, they help add the beneficial nutrients back into the soil thus improving the soil quality for a better crop and cultivation.

By reusing and recycling your garden waste, you are protecting the planet from the hazardous greenhouse gases that can destroy the ozone layer. This is the easiest and organic way to manage green waste that can also reward you with a gorgeous looking yard that you always wanted where you can grow fruits and vegetables without any harmful chemicals.

Revamping The Backyard Organically & Economically

Your home is a palace but does your back yard look like a battlefield? A beautiful and functional backyard can enhance the property value by almost 20%.

Maintaining the exteriors can take both time and money. While you will have to take the time to focus on key areas, there are many cost effective ways to give your outside yard a complete revamp. Take this project as an opportunity to create an organic environment where the plant life and landscaping presents a divine feel and purpose. Here are some tips:


  • Clear the land of all the green waste, stones or any other object obstructing the cleanliness of the yard
  • If you have too much green waste and trees to be cleaned up, you may contact your local Green Waste Disposal Service provider to help you in your clearing. If needed they should be able to supply you with a Mobile Wood Grinder and deliver it directly to your home or provide the service.
  • Also you will need to arrange for a Residential Dumpster Rental so that it helps to keep your area clean throughout the project


  • Your local Sand and Gravel Supplier can suggest many cost effective ways to add more function and beauty to your backyard
  • Use organic materials like Mulches and Gravel to cover the free spaces and walkways
  • Also a Colored Wood Chips Supplier can help enhance the areas around your plants. The wood chips also help in moisture retention for better plant growth


To maintain a delightful yard in all seasons with colorful flowers and nourishing seasonal fruits and vegetables, use chemical free organic fertilizer. Contacting your local natural compost supplier is a good idea. If it is feasible, composting can be done at home as well to turn your green & brown wastes into organic fertilizers.

Make the best use of space, light and other natural resources in your yard for creating welcoming and eye-grabbing entrance today.

Recycling The Christmas Tree – Extending Green Cheers

While Christmas is gone and passed, have you planned yet what to do with your Christmas tree? Do you know you can recycle it to turn it into something else that is again usable and functional? It is the best way to extend the Christmas cheers a little further, a little farther.

According to the surveys, over 35 million Christmas trees are sold in US alone; imagine the total number of trees in the world! Organic or real trees are more recyclable that can be converted into many usable forms by using following local services:

  • The compost supplier can easily turn the green and brown parts of your real Christmas tree into organic compost to enhance soil fertility
  • It can also be turned into mulches for habitat creation and soil erosion protection
  • The Southern Californian landscaping supplier can recycle your Christmas tree to be used for shoreline stabilization.
  • A mobile wood grinding service provider also takes trees and chop’s them up into useable wood chips for gardens and reused.  

Real Christmas trees are carbon neutral, biodegradable and organic; thus if you are an environmentalist I would hope you would prefer a real tree over artificial trees. The artificial trees are non-biodegradable, non-recyclable and are made with PVC and other metals that increase the total carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

The best way to enjoy a waste-less Christmas and especially with larger recycling projects is to use a Residential Dumpster Rental Service for proper and a neat waste disposal. Contact a Green Waste Disposal Services company and they can pick the waste up from you home to be used in a better and environmentally safer ways. Once again recycling your tree is the best way to return the renewable energy back to the environment so that you can enjoy more greenery, safe environment and many more cheerful Christmases.

Composting At Home

Perhaps you have already heard about compost. You need it to fertilize your garden area for a better plant life. It is easier to get supplied on order from a local compost supplier or nearby sand and gravel supplier; but it doesn’t take much if you start making your own compost out of the green waste that is the outcome of landscaping Murrieta or other backyard projects. Here are the top benefits of composting yourself:

  • It is better than the harmful chemical fertilizers
  • You get higher yields of crops, vegetables or flowers
  • It is much more economical and environmentally safe
  • It helps in balanced water drainage into the soil
  • Reduces waste

The first thing you will need for composting is a bin or residential dumpster rental service to keep everything neater and manageable. Ensure that your bin maintains good air flow and has a lid. All the brown and green part of the plants can go in to make compost, for bigger plant parts you can call in the mobile wood grinding services to grind it for you in shorter and usable forms. Proper air ventilation through the bin ensures that there is faster break down with minimum smell. Keep everything in layers and turn it once in a week. Now leave it to develop into compost.

The compost created in this way is completely organic and provides best minerals to the plants. If you cannot do it at your home for any case of lack of space or due to permission issues, the best thing you can do with your garden waste is to use the green waste disposal service to organically dispose the waste. The bigger woods can be used by colored wood chips supplier to turn them into decorative and functional chips to be layered over soil in gardens.