Recycling The Christmas Tree – Extending Green Cheers

While Christmas is gone and passed, have you planned yet what to do with your Christmas tree? Do you know you can recycle it to turn it into something else that is again usable and functional? It is the best way to extend the Christmas cheers a little further, a little farther.

According to the surveys, over 35 million Christmas trees are sold in US alone; imagine the total number of trees in the world! Organic or real trees are more recyclable that can be converted into many usable forms by using following local services:

  • The compost supplier can easily turn the green and brown parts of your real Christmas tree into organic compost to enhance soil fertility
  • It can also be turned into mulches for habitat creation and soil erosion protection
  • The Southern Californian landscaping supplier can recycle your Christmas tree to be used for shoreline stabilization.
  • A mobile wood grinding service provider also takes trees and chop’s them up into useable wood chips for gardens and reused.  

Real Christmas trees are carbon neutral, biodegradable and organic; thus if you are an environmentalist I would hope you would prefer a real tree over artificial trees. The artificial trees are non-biodegradable, non-recyclable and are made with PVC and other metals that increase the total carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

The best way to enjoy a waste-less Christmas and especially with larger recycling projects is to use a Residential Dumpster Rental Service for proper and a neat waste disposal. Contact a Green Waste Disposal Services company and they can pick the waste up from you home to be used in a better and environmentally safer ways. Once again recycling your tree is the best way to return the renewable energy back to the environment so that you can enjoy more greenery, safe environment and many more cheerful Christmases.

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