How To Deal With Green Waste?

“Green Waste” is usually referred to as the grass cuttings, leaves, wood and stems that are left after a major landscaping project or a storm. For many it may seem to be useless but for people who are involved with green waste disposal services, it means a great deal of money.

Many homeowners associations have strict rules against cluttering debris in the yards as the rough branches could be hurtful and the waste could be a source to attract many animals, bugs and molds. Generally, the green waste goes to a landfill however, in modern times, there are many other ways for green waste disposal that can save you money alongside saving the planet.

Recycling The Green Waste

Just like plastic glass and metal scraps, wood and green waste can also be recycled. The most common form of recycled green waste is mulch. The green waste is fed into a wood grinder to produce fine shreds of wood, and plant life. The mulch is used to cover the land around plants in gardens and homes. Mulch on the land prevents the growth of weeds and helps to maintain the moisture level of the soil.

The best way to manage green waste is to have a Residential Green Waste Dumpster at your home to store the green waste and once it is full, you can either haul it personally or call for mobile wood grinding services to your home or recycle the green waste. Such companies can also provide services of residential dumpster rentals in which case you do not wish to haul your green waste.

The finer grinds of waste can be used on playgrounds or around your yards landscaping. Some of the companies also use the green waste to produce cheap bio fuel. Green waste also makes a healthier alternative for the pet litter that does not harm the animals and the planet.

There are many possibilities for recycled green waste. By hauling your green waste to be reused, you get beautiful yard and the satisfaction to have contributed to save the planet.

Contacting a Sand and Gravel Supplier

You will need to contact a Sand and Gravel Supplier if you are planning on dressing up specific areas in your garden or especially if you are looking to do a complete landscape over haul. Contacting a Sand and Gravel Supplier in Murrieta can help supply all your landscaping needs. Sand and Gravel when used in gardens and lawns can make soil more balanced for healthy growth of vegetables and flowers.

The components of the sand contain balanced mixture of silt, sand and clay with different quality minerals can help improve the plant health and growth. The best thing about this mixture is that you can control the soil drainage rates and you can also add in compost to the mixture for the purposes of fertilization. Many compost suppliers use green waste disposal service’s to make compost through green waste collected at various local dumping stations. Such created composts are environmentally safer to be used in your garden and in addition it helps to get beautiful vegetation that you always wanted.

Different Uses of Sand and Gravel

Sand of different grades can be used in many ways like:

  • Concrete Sand or Screened Sand can be perfect material for walkways and patios. It can also be used as clean fills for under slab fillings.
  • Play Sand is easily available for building up play areas, volley ball courts and sand boxes.
  • Ball Field Mix is a sand grade that is usually supplied for athletic fields, horse stalls, horseshoe pits and arenas.
  • Sandy Fills can be used to fill lower areas to even out the space before it is covered with topsoil or decorative chips from colored wood chips supplier.

Similarly, Gravel can also be used for various purposes like:

  • Walkways Pea Stone, drive ways and pool side areas.
  • Granite to make drip edges alongside the foundation.
  • Making hard pack for drainage of the walkways.
  • Rip Rap to prevent erosion of soil.
  • To be used in sewer piping and drain beds.