Benefits of Organic Recycling Compost & Residential Dumpster Rental

The term “organic” refers to anything that is naturally biodegradable. Organic waste is converted into Organic Compost when it degrades; they have nutrients necessary for plants to grow which is an important ingredient in rejuvenating the soil. It’s an obligation on our part to playing a critical role in conserving the ecological balance in our food chain.

From a business point of view, the size of the organic food market is estimated at $63 billion and is ever-growing. Increased awareness among people regarding the health benefits of organic food has led to higher demand. Statistics suggest as of 2011, almost 91,000,000 acres of land worldwide were farmed organically. It has also been brought into notice that livestock feeding on natural vegetation are of better quality and have special recognition.

Organic Composting

Biodegradable animal or plant waste breaks down when exposed to natural elements in the atmosphere, microorganisms; the sun and air all play an important role on converting natural waste into Organic Recycled Compost. This compost is an excellent source to use in your yard or garden.

Benefits of recycling organic waste

  • Organic waste is converted into other useful compounds such as recycled compost.
  • Waste ending up in landfills are reduced significantly
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emission caused by decomposing organic landfill waste
  • Conversion of waste into useful agro products such as compost and fertilizer that help the environment by providing the nutrients when used.

Other ways an individual can lend a hand in this is by using a residential dumpster rental. Now is a great time to prune all the trees, hedges and bushes in your yard and turning your yard waste into Organic Compost.

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